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Welcome to I was looking around for more information on Vintage Schwinn Manta Rays and didn't find much so I decided to create a website focusing on them. So far I have a 467 picture Manta Ray gallery. I also built a Manta Ray Forum with free classified ads. I hope this site will help people restoring, building, selling and buying Manta Rays. Below is some general information on the bikes. For more specific info, check the galleries where I have many of the parts detailed with pictures, model numbers, correct replacement parts, and more.

And if you're looking for new Manta Rays, click the image below.


General Information About Manta-Rays:

Manta-Rays are basically a Schwinn Fastback for bigger kids looking very similar to the Krates and Sting-Rays, but with a 24" tire. They were produced during late 1970 to 1972 and the model years only include 71 and 72. Production was stopped do to lack of interest in the market.

The availability of vintage Manta Rays is very limited. Over the past couple weeks of thorough internet searching (July/08), I've found only about 4 whole Manta Rays for sale across the country. 4 compared to the 500 or so vintage Sting Rays is a huge difference! This tells me there are about 100 times more Sting Rays than Manta Rays. And it seems a fair portion of the Mantas for sale are being parted out. This makes less Mantas, while reproduction Sting Ray parts are helping create more of those bikes.

Manta Rays were equipped with a 24" X 1 3/8" S-5 rim with the same size Schwinn Fastback Slik tire mounted on the back, and a Superior mounted on the front. A 24" lightweight rim from a 24" 5 speed Breeze, Speedster or any other 5 speed lightweight will work. Tires are harder to find than the wheel and will be fairly expensive if you are lucky enough to find one NOS. The front and rear spoke lengths are 10 3/8".

Seats and even the pan are very hard to find. If you do find one on Ebay, there is often a bidding war on it. NOS seats are very rare and can fetch $500. Some seats have been recovered by Pete and he's still doing it. The metal rivet tags on the rear of the seats are not being remade so people typically reuse them. Some people will reuse the "Sting-Ray" tags which say that instead of "Manta-Ray".

Coaster brakes are rarest for Mantas, then Disc brake, then regular caliper brake as the most common. Some years ago, Manta Rays were less expensive and many parts like the disc brake were harvested from them to complete the more popular and expensive Krates. Some people speculate that the Disc Mantas will become the rarest because they are being parted out.

The correct pedals had clear reflectors from early 71 to about april of 71, then small amber then in the middle of 72 it turned to diamond with a long reflector.

Colors are Yellow, Green, Orange and Silver Mist, silver being the hardest to find. The other 3 are out there if you can find them.

Schwinn never reproduced parts for the Manta Ray which includes Tires, Handle Bars, Rims, Seat and Fenders. The reasoning was probably because it was ONLY a two year bike for Schwinn and it was not a great seller. Some feel it should have more value because of the above.

The 1972 Manta had a 2 pie Gulco reflector in the wheels.

Certain colors and options were only available for 71 or 72 so check the gallery for that year for lots more information. And if you have a question, feel free to post it in the forum.

Below are some Ebay auctions so check them out...

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